The Max Music Collection
The Max Music Collection features
The Top 10,000 Songs of all time
MAX MUSIC COLLECTION for Dancing, Parties and Special Events
Max Music Collection is a playlist for all occasions, and a way of thinking about music.
The Max Music Collection features the Top 10,000 Recordings of the past 100 years.
From millions of musical recordings that have been made, these are the Top 10,000.

Max Music Collection Playlists can be useful for many entertaining situations...
Musical Background for Corporate Functions, Community Events, and Festivals.
Special Event Playlists for garden parties, dancing, skating, and simply socializing.

Max Dance Party Marathons feature 1000 of the music world's most danceable tunes.
It's enough music to keep everyone dancing for days, and every song is a winner.
Max Skating Party Playlists present 10 hours of the world's best Skating Songs,

Pop Music Playlists feature songs by year and decade, ie. The Best of the 1950s, 60s,
70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, etc. This includes pop music from the 1920s, right up to this year.

Superstar Playlists feature music from the Top 200 Superstars of all time, starting with
Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Who,
The Rolling Stones, and U2, to name only a few. A Superstar has their own Top 20 hit list.
Millennial Superstars include Ariana, Mariah, Nikki, Lady G, Selena, Justin & One Republic.

World Music Playlists feature internationally loved Superstars, including The Inner Circle,
Third World, Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Queen Ifrica, Sade and Sunny Aday.

Garden Party Playlists can be tailored to suit every party mood, with every type of music,
featuring Country, Folk, Rock & Roll, Soul & Blues, Urban, Rap, Hip Hop, Swing & Jazz.

Instrumental Playlists - The world's most perfect instrumental classics, including
Chuck Mangione's - It Feels So Good, and Ramsey Lewis - The Way of the World.

Max Music Collection also presents The Top 100 Songs about Music & Singing
including Dave Mason's - I Love The Music, and Kiki Dee's, - Got The Music In Me.

Max Music Collection presents timeless music. These are 10,000 of the most perfect
recordings of the past 100 years, from The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, to this year's hits.
There's everything from Mozart to Eminem, and Beyonce to Kay Starr, in this collection.
When special music is required, for ambience, background, and entertaining events...
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